The Classen Family Overview / Summary


San Antonio, Texas


Pat Ezell

With Contributions from Mark Lee


The Classen family was an early immigrant family from Germany who amassed vast amounts of acreage in far northern Bexar County, Texas.  Through the years with the acquiring of additional lands by both the original immigrant, Johann Hubert Classen and his adult children, the land encompassed as much as 40,000 acres.

The Classen lands north of what is now Loop 1604 extended as far west as Blanco Road toward Camp Bullis and east over to Evans and Bulverde Roads toward Nacogdoches Road.  Classen properties encompassed what are now numerous residential developments, commercial entities and educational facilities including the developments of Stone Oak, Encino Park, Hidden Oaks Estates, etc., many of the Northeast Independent School District schools, the Martin Marietta rock quarry, the Alamo Cement Company, Alamo Concrete Products, and the Marriott TPC Resort along with the surrounding residential development.  The lands extended south and encompassed the City of Hollywood Park and much of the land immediately south of Loop 1604 toward the east.  Road names such as Classen Road and Classen Ranch Road are easily identifiable as having originally belonged to Classen family members but all of Redland Road was originally Classen property as well as portions of East Evans Road. There are many Classen family descendants still in Bexar County and several still own original Classen lands where they continue to live and maintain farming and ranching activities.

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The Classen Family Overview / Summary