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  1. The San Antonio Conservation Society reserves all rights (unless otherwise assigned) to the materials posted on this site. Unless stated otherwise, you are free to make noncommercial use of these materials.
  1. Please note: The material on this website is displayed for educational and personal research use. If you are the copyright owner of posted material and believe that we have exceeded the fair use allowed by copyright law, or have not given proper credit, please let us know.

We ask that you please cite us, using the citation found at the bottom of each farm or ranch record. For commercial use, please fill out our Permission for Use Form and submit it to bstandifird@saconservation.org


It is the policy of the San Antonio Conservation Society to not disclose names of property owners, living descendants, or any personal information of any sort regarding the historic properties listed on the Society's website.  This ensures the individuals' privacy and affords protection from potential harm to the properties.

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