Bracht - Stapper Farmstead

Dr. Felix Bracht immigrated from Germany to Texas in 1849 where he joined his younger brother, Victor Bracht, who had previously written the popular travel guide, Texas in 1848.  Dr. Bracht was followed within six months by his wife, Josephine and their daughter, Felicitas. The family settled on the Cibolo Creek in the area of Schertz. For a period of time, the Bracht family also lived in New Braunfels but later returned to their home on the Cibolo Creek.  Before leaving Germany, Felix Bracht had been a student at the Friedrich Wilhelm University of Letters (current day Humboldt University) in Berlin.  He was an intelligent, outspoken young man who involved himself in the volatile political situation in his country.  While attending the University, he had been vocal in expressing his liberal political views and had joined the General German Student’s Association.  With the defeat of the democratic initiatives, he was put on trial in Wesel.  He was found guilty and sentenced to six years in prison, but pardoned after two years and allowed to complete his medical studies.  In March of 1833, Dr. Felix Bracht graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree and began the practice of medicine in Elberfield, Germany. Sixteen years later, the continuing political unrest in Germany and the opportunities for a better life in America apparently was a deciding factor in the Brachts leaving their homeland for Texas.



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