Stapper-Rhodius Cemetery (AKA Bracht-Stapper-Rhodius Cemetery)

Bracht - Stapper Farmstead

Prepared by Pat Ezell, Historic Farm & Ranch Complexes Committee, San Antonio Conservation Society, 2017

The Stapper-Rhodius Cemetery is located on the property of the Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority (CCMA) in the vicinity of the Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority Road, off of Schaefer Road, in Bexar County, TX.  It is on private property and access is restricted although arrangements can be made with the manager of CCMA for a visit to the cemetery.  The cemetery is very well maintained by the Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority.

The first internment in this small family cemetery is that of Josephine Bracht, wife of Felix Bracht.  The Bracht’s owned the property on which this cemetery was located at the time Josephine Bracht died, having purchased the land in 1853 from Joseph Schertz. The Bracht’s daughter, Felicitas married Eduard Stapper. Their son, Julian Stapper, assumed legal ownership of the property in 1901 and it remained in the Bracht-Stapper family home at least until 1933.  It is unknown exactly when the property passed out of family ownership, although Julian Stapper quitclaimed the property to the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company in October 30, 1935. There were several subsequent property owners and in Dec. 30, 1997 Malcolm N. McEachern sold the property to the Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority. (Bexar County Deed Records, Vol. 7338, pgs, 1461+)

Internments: (see Supplemental Information. Date of birth of Felix Bracht is inconsistent with the official the German record)

Hugo-Felix - flat gravestone with simply the name and no dates.


Rhodius, Bertha – June 26, 1856- May 21, 1933

          (Grave stone is next to her husband’s marker.)

Rhodius, Edward C. – July 30, 1849 – March 17, 1917

         (Grave stone is next to his wife’s marker.)

Rhodius, Valeska – Jan. 18, 1884- Feb. 16, 1900

Rhodius, Felicitas – Nov. 6, 1881 – Nov. 8, 1885

BRACHT  (double marker)

      Felix Bracht – Feb. 14, 1808- Dec. 17, 1882

     Josephine Bracht – March 26, 1809-Feb. 6, 1876

STAPPER (double marker) Eduard und Felicitas im todte vereint

          Eduard Stapper – Nov. 10, 1830 - Nov. 19, 1899

          Felicitas – May 3, 1836- Feb. 8, 1916


Brotze, Felix – Oct. 3, 1879 – April 9, 1916

      (Woodmen of the World Marker)

Supplemental Information for Bracht-Stapper-Rhodius Cemetery:

Hugo Felix-  Although there is no identifying information on this gravestone it is possible that this is the gravesite for the Hugo Rhodius who was on the same ship, Neptune, as Josephine and Felicitas Bracht when they traveled from Germany to Galveston in 1849. The name of “Hugo” may have been given to the child in honor of Hugo Rhodius who was likely a family friend. It is also possible, given the placement of the gravestone in the cemetery, that it is for an infant son of Josephine and Felix Bracht although no record has been located of a son having been born.

Rhodius, Bertha – June 26, 1856 – May 21, 1933

Bertha Stapper was the daughter of Eduard Stapper and Felicitas Stapper.

Bertha married Edward C. Rhodius on March 3, 1877 in Bexar County, TX.  Witnesses were Felix Bracht and Theodor Stapper.  Bexar County Marriage Book F, p.310. License #5253.

On August 6, 1901, in Bexar County, Bertha Rhodius, Felicia Stapper (widow of Eduard Stapper) and Felix Stapper, sold to Julian Stapper, 1079 acres of land made of up three adjacent parcels.  The cemetery is located on a portion of this land.  The sale price was $4,000.  Bexar County Deed Record, Book 201, pgs. 116-118.   

Rhodius, Edward C. – Edward C. Rhodius was the son of Otto Christian Rhodius and Johanna Whaler Rhodius.

Rhodius, Valeska – Jan. 18, 1884- Feb. 16, 1900

Rhodius, Felicitas – Nov. 6, 1881 – Nov. 8, 1885

Valeska and Felicitas Rhodius may be the children of Bertha and Edward C. Rhodius.  However, their identity has not been confirmed.    Both grave markers are covered with decorative sea shell motifs most likely made by Heinrich Theodore Mordhorst, a German craftsman from New Braunfels who decorated numerous graves throughout the Hill Country.  The documented children of Bertha Stapper and Edward Rhodius are: Otto, Eugene, Winfield, Josephine, Juliana, and Henrietta.


Felix BrachtFeb. 14, 1808* (1809) – Dec. 17, 1882

Felix Bracht was the son of Katharina Antionette Salome von Darsten Bracht (1782-1855) and Friedrich Heinrich Hubert Bracht (1781-1855).  His brother was Viktor Friedrich Bracht, born on Sept. 17, 1819 in Dusselderf, Germany and died on Jan. 26, 1887, Rockport, Aransas County, TX.   Felix Bracht was a Doctor of Medicine and initially practiced in Germany prior to arriving in Texas and establishing a practice first in Cibolo and then in New Braunfels, TX.

*The birth date of 1808 is inscribed on the grave marker. However, the official record from the place of baptism indicates Felix Bracht was born on Feb. 14, 1809 and baptized on Feb. 16, 1809 in Stadt Peter –Katholisch, Recklinghausen Stadt, Westfalen, Prussia. Source: Germany, Select Births and Baptism, 1558-1898, Salt Lake City, Utah, Family Search 2013; database on-line, Provo, UT, USA. Operations, Inc. 2014.

Josephine BrachtMarch 26, 1809- Feb 6, 1876

    Josephine Frelin Bracht was the daughter of Joseph “Baron” von Prochazka and Johanna von Gallus (Callus).  Felix and Josephine married in Prague, Germany on June 20, 1835.  They had one child, Felicitas, who was born on May 3, 1836 in Germany and who married Eduard Stapper. 


Eduard Stapper – Nov. 10, 1830 - Nov. 19, 1899

Felicitas [Bracht] Stapper – May 3, 1836- Feb. 8, 1916 –

Eduard Stapper and Felicitas Bracht married on Nov. 17, 1853 in Bexar County. (Bexar County Marriage Book C: p.113, License #855)  They had three children: Julian, Bertha and Felix.


Brotze, Felix – Oct. 3, 1879 – April 9, 1916

Son of Otto Brotze and Josephine Pfeil.  Felix Brotze married Laura Stapper [1882-1967] who was the daughter of Julian Stapper and Emma Meurin Stapper and the granddaughter of Eduard Stapper and Felicitas Bracht Stapper)