Kenney, Patrick - House


Kenney, Patrick - House


San Antonio

Year Built



Bexar County



Kenney, Patrick - house.jpg
Kenney Feb 2017.jpg
Kenney - Fields where the mules were located for the mines.jpg
Patrick Kenney tombstone.jpg
Rosa Kenney tombstone.jpg
John Kenney - tombstone.jpg
Patrick Kenney House overview.pdf
BRAND - John Kenney BK G p19 Oct 17, 1876.pdf
BRAND-Patrick Kenney Bk F p331 Nov 7 1875.pdf
BRANDS - Stephen Kenney Bk C p135 June 14, 1862.pdf
BRANDS  T H Kenney BK I p217 Jan 4, 1887.pdf
1860 Atascosa County Census -Frank & Frances Zink 1.jpg
1860 Bexar County Census - Kinney family -1.jpg
1880 Bexar County Census - Kenney,Patrick ((p1) page 289.pdf
1880 Bexar County Census - Kenney,Rosa (p2), page 290.pdf
1900 Bexar County Census - Kenney John Sr p 146A.pdf
1900 Bexar County Census - Kenney Patrick page 140B.pdf
1910 Bexar County Census - Kenney Pat p 55.pdf
1910 Bexar County Census - Kenney W F p.55.pdf
Marriage certificate - Patrick Kenney - Rosa Zensch (Zink).jpg
Marriage of Annie Krause Kenney to Lorenzo Peroglia 1921 Marriage Bk 25 p.259.pdf
Marriage of John Kenney to Catharine Malone Nov 3 1877  Bk F p400.pdf
Marriage of Mary Alma Kenney to Julius E Mueller, August 9, 1922, Bk 27 p523.pdf
Marriage of Thomas Albert Kenney to Agnes Gertrude Gier Sept 22, 1919, Bk 19 p285.pdf
Marriage of Thomas Albert Kenney to Annie Wanke, Sept 12, 1904, Bk S, p454.pdf
Marriage of William Franklin Kenney to Jessie Pyron Nov 27, 1902 Bk R  p.244.pdf
Patrick Kenney and Rosa Zink Kenney.jpg
Caruthers - Kenney - partition of Patrick Kenney's land  vol 1371 p194 1933.pdf
D W Heard to Patrick Kenney Vol 8 p614 Dec 1877.pdf
Fry estate to Patrick Kenney Vol 192 p 296 1901.pdf
Kenney & Caruthers - oil lease to E S Orgain Aug 1935 Vol 1601 p308.pdf
Kenney and Caruthers to James Vol 5621 p 777+.pdf
Kenney from Grayburg Oil Vol 751 p527 1923 Release.pdf
Kenney to Bexar County for public school Vol 34 p6 1883.pdf
Kenny to Gulf Prod. Co -Oil and gas lease, BCDR 518 pgs 463-7 1917.pdf
Maggie Kenney Caruthers and siblings - joint ownership agreement BCDR 1371 pgs 194+  July 31, 1933.pdf
Mary Kenney Mueller to Maggie Kenney Caruthers Vol 1797, p346 1940.pdf
Patrick Kenney to JJ Kenney Aug 1909 Vol 319 p289.pdf
Somerset ISD to Pat Kenney Vol 804 p484 1925.pdf
John Joseph Kenney and Anna Louise Krause Kenney 2.jpg



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