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Presnall - Watson House / Land Heritage Institute

Presnall-Watson homestead - historical.jpg

Presnall-Watson Homestead Distric

  • Mailing address and location of main gate:  1349 Neal Road, San Antonio, TX 78264-3531.
  • The Presnall-Watson Homestead District includes six buildings, three contributing structures, and six significant archeological sites.

  • The 188-acre Presnall-Watson Homestead District is part of the Land Heritage Institute (LHI) property, a 1,200-acre living land museum representing at least 10,000 years of occupancy by all the major cultural groups that shaped South Texas, including Native Americans, the Spanish, the Mexicans, and the Anglos as well as African-Americans.

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Ruempel, Philip - Farmstead

Ruempel House #2 west side note difference in stone #2.jpg

The Ruempels were among the first European American inhabitants in the area that now comprises Leon Valley, Helotes and other nearby communities.  These families relied on their own ingenuity and resourcefulness although they accepted help from their neighbors when needed.

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Schumann - Scheel House

Schumann-Scheel House Sept 2009.jpg

The land where the (Schumann - Scheel)  home is located was part of a 1476 acre ranch, known as the Converse Ranch, which Major James Converse, Chief Superintendent and Engineer for the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Rail way Company and the founder of the City of Converse, had purchased in 1877. James Converse sold his ranch to Edward Hall in 1882.

Anton Otto Schumann, born near New Braunfels on 3 January 1875, purchased 120 acres of that land from Hall on January 11, 1900.

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