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Kallison Ranch

Nick Kotz, The Harness Maker’s Dream: Nathan Kallison and the Rise of South Texas, Fort Worth: TCU Press, 2013

Kallison Ranch was purchased in 1910 by Nathan Kallison from two tracts that were originally part of the Jacob Hoffman Ranch, one of the earliest ranches in western Bexar County.  Nathan and his wife, Anna, were Jewish immigrants from Russia who came to San Antonio in 1899 by way of Chicago.  They operated a one-room harness shop which eventually became the largest farm-and- ranch supply business in the Southwest.  The 1,683-acre ranch consisted of flat farmland on the southern end, with rolling, chalky pasturelands to the north.    (Nick Kotz, The Harness Maker’s Dream:  Nathan Kallison and the Rise of South Texas,  Fort Worth:  TCU Press, 2013)


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Padilla Ranch House - Demolished 2009

Padilla Ranch House -Balcones Creek & IH-10 .JPG

Padilla Ranch House – formerly located on Balcones Creek and I H – 10 near Bexar County and Kendall Counties line.


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