Voelcker Bungalow

Voelcker Farmstead Historic Complex

F. Voelcker Bungalow (circa 1927; contributing building)

Voelcker Farmstead Historic Complex

Bungalow Building in progress

"The Bungalow is a one-story, front-gabled, wood-frame, irregular plan building with a partial width, inset porch with separate roof, and a clipped gable. The dwelling is situated on a pier-and-beam foundation and has thin horizontal washboard siding and a flared skirt. The bungalow has an irregular shape of a rectangular plan with a modified ell attached diagonally to the southwest corner. The ell may be an addition but was likely built soon after the initial construction phase because it features the same cladding and the same double, one-over-one wood sash windows found on the original portion of the house. The dwelling has Craftsman detailing such as triangular knee braces, exposed rafters, wide, unenclosed eave overhangs, and square column wooden porch supports.

As of 2017, the Voelcker Bungalow is occupied by a caretaker.