Personal Narratives

The following is a story told by Carmen Barrera Ramirez, daughter of Roy R. Barrera, Sr. the owner of the Heidemann property. Ms. Ramirez’ home is adjacent to the Heidemann property. 

“One afternoon I was home with my children and I received a call from Jewel - she said she was out of water and could I bring her some. So I took my five gallon igloo, filled it with water, added in some ice, picked out some ‘fuses’ from my tool box, a screw driver and pliers and headed over to her house. I figured she blew a fuse on her electric box - she had the old fashioned fuses that you screw in - they are made of glass.... When I got to her home, she was out on her porch and was delighted to see me and exclaimed over the 5 gallon igloo that ‘that will last me a long time’. At first I did not know what that meant, and I gently brushed it aside as I asked where her fuse box was. She obviously did not know why I asked, so I asked again for her fuse box so I could check her fuses and replace them, to get her well pump running. She shook her head and said, ‘I don't have a well pump.’ So I corrected myself and said sorry, ‘I meant your windmill pump.’ She told me that the windmill had not run in 20 years and she had no well. Well, I did not believe her and started for her bathroom to check the water - toilet, tub and sink - all dry! Kitchen sink, same thing. I was dumbfounded. Out the kitchen door in the butler pantry, she had rows and rows of little glass jars, all empty. Puzzled, I asked her where she got her water from and she said from the roof of the garage where I capture rainfall. But it had not rained in 8 months! She said, ‘I know, that's why I am out of water, but this five gallons will last me a few months’ and she thanked me for it. Read more.