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EVANS, ROBERT B. (Nov. 10, 1833 – Sept. 7, 1903)

Robert B. Evans was born in Liberty, TN.  He came to Texas in January 1844 (?) by way of Fort Caddo.  On the way he lost two mules from sudden weather changes in Texas.  One mule died of heat stroke and the second mule froze to death from a “Norther.”  In 1849 he heard of gold in California, and traveled there by way of Panama.  With luck, he sent 80 ounces of gold to the mint in New Orleans.  Evans returned to San Antonio [from California] by an overland route by way of El Paso and deposited $2,000.00 with Gross Bros. at Eagle Pass.  In the 1850 Bexar Census, Evans was listed as a farmer at Selma.  He married Rebecca Murchison at Selma [Feb 23, 1858].  She was born at Holly Springs, Miss., and came to Selma with her parents in 1847.  On Sept. 6, 1865, Evans bought 160 acres at Nacogdoches and Evans Roads, west side of Cibolo Creek.  With free land he grazed 400 head of cattle at one time.  Indian raids were always a menace, and as late as July 22, 1871, an Indian trail was discovered near Selma.  Capt. Wm. Davenport and his “Minute Company” followed as far as Fredericksburg, then lost all trace.  One of Evan’s sons accompanied the group and found the remains of two of Evans’ bloodied horses- just enough meat cut off for a single meal.  On Jan. 16, 1872, Evans was elected Justice of the Peace for Precinct 3.  Robert and Rebecca raised nine children: Mrs. Chas. A. (Sarah Elizabeth) Donaldson, Ruben, Nannie, Libby Eleanor, Kate, Rob’t D., Joe Murdock, Larry W. and John Edward Evans.  In 1882, a two story rock house was built from rock from the railroad bridge over the Cibolo nearby.  The Evans were Baptists and Methodists.  One half mile west of Selma, on the east bank of the Cibolo Cree, rest Robert and Rebecca and her parents.  The Evans Road, running west from Selma, honors his name.

                                                                                Herald – July 22, 1871

                                                                                Express – Jan.16, 1872

                                                                                Light, Sept.8, 1905

                                                                Grandson – Arthur Donaldson- Del Rio, Tex.

                                                                Granddaughter – Mrs. Thos. F. Cook – Del Rio

                                                                Present Owner – Tom Mastey, Jr., R.12 201 b

                                                                San Antonio, Texas 78218

Overview / Summary