Max Aue Stage Coach Inn and Complex

  • “The Aue Stagecoach Inn Complex is an outstanding historical site, representing a broad, evolutionary spectrum of architectural styles as well as the changing needs of the Max Aue family and the Leon Springs community.  Constructed between the years 1850 and 1880, the group of buildings represent the simple immigrant-Germanic construction which was common to the area, as well as the more sophisticated and refined transitional Greek Revival/Victoria style.” (THC Atlas)
  • Max Aue obtained 640 acres in 1852 from John O. Meusenbach out of the John W. Smith land grant, for his services as a Texas Ranger. Aue's holdings grew to 20,000 acres by the time of his death in 1903.
  • Max Aue married Emma Toepperwein in 1857.
  • Aue established a general store - known today as Settlement Inn. Family lived in upstairs attic loft. Store was 1 day's journey from San Antonio.
  • Max Aue house and store, built about 1855; 1 1/2 stories, 14" thick limestone rubble walls. Second structure also built about 1855 was double pen dogtrot style.
  • Aue was postmaster until 1861; post office operated from back of building.
  • Settlement Inn -1st stop on the "Jackass" Stageline from San Antonio to San Diego, CA. – a 53 day trip.  Aue’s store was a horse changing station and rest stop.
  • 1877-San Antonio Aransas Pass Railroad came through Leon Springs; town renamed Aue Station. Depot located on a spur approx. 50 yds. from the Inn complex.
  • 1878- Aue built the Leon Springs Hotel next to the Settlement Inn. Builder was B. Grossenbach - cost of $2,850.00 American silver.
  • WWI - Leon Springs thrived when the First Officer training center was established nearby. Area very popular with soldiers.
  • Aue built 5 saloons at Leon Springs - Pearl beer shipped from San Antonio daily.
  • 1925-26, Rudolph Aue, Jr. (Max's son) built new store that today houses Rudy's corner, a Texaco station, ice house & tavern.
  • Site of the Leon Springs Hardware Store was the old “B29 Club” during WWII, favorite gathering place and dance hall for soldiers. Later this building was developed as Macaroni Grill with opened in 1988 and became very popular.  However, a devastating flood in 1998 eventually forced the closure of this location of Macaroni Grill.
  • Hotel & original store & post office occupied by members or employees of Aue family until 1952.
  • Property originally contained a 1 1/2 story log & stone house built about 1855, a 1 story log cabin built about 1855 & the 2 story house/inn built 1870-1879.
  • Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.
  • Documented in the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) – HABS TX-3220
  • Change in transportation from horse, to train to automobile, is mirrored in the evolution of the complex, from house/store/stagestop to hotel to 20th century automobile-related structures located nearby.


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